Via Linota is the artistic expression of Justin Anderson, a singer-songwriter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Derived from Latin meaning "through words and notes," Via Linota symbolizes the desire to connect through both music and story. Inspired by his studies in classical and foreign languages, as well as time spent living abroad in Germany and Scotland, Via Linota delivers a poignant combination of melodies and words that invites reflection. Justin's musical journey began as a child when he first took the stage at a music festival, and since that time his interests in piano, guitar, mandolin, and many other instruments have exploded into the thought-provoking and instrumentally-textured musician that is Via Linota.

Musical influences of Via Linota include:

Barcelona, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, John Denver, Keane, Radiohead, Relient K, Sigur Ros, Switchfoot, The Carpenters, The Low Anthem and many more.